The Message from Ralph Yirikian
General Manager of VivaCell-MTS, the General Partner of the Olympiad

Ralph YirikianDear Olympiad participants!

Only the country that values the scientific endeavors, explores the scientific potential and supports the science can succeed and the systemic approach to all these guarantees opportunity to keep the pace with the modern world and to enjoy the advantages of having competitive economy.

Obviously, the microelectronics Olympiad is called to encourage healthy competition of ideas. Owing to your devotion to science you have already managed to achieve a lot and to keep the name of your country high. And there is one important thing to remember: the future of the Homeland is in the hands of competitive professionals.

Science is an eternal source that lets you see the true picture of the things and to build the future on new and more reliable grounds. VivaCell-MTS greets the participants of the Olympiad, who know that the scientific potential is an asset. We believe that they will be guided by the just purpose to build a brighter future in their projects of economic development.

VivaCell-MTS support to the organization of the microelectronics Olympiad stems also from the belief that the business sector needs to share the fruits of its activities with the society and to support the younger generation of the country in developing and growing into competitive professionals.

We wish all the success to the organizers and the participants of the Olympiad.