The Message from Yervant Zorian
President of IEEE TTTC, Chief Architect at Synopsys, Inc.

Yervant Zorian Increasing interest in microelectronics among young specialists around the world is an excellent goal that this unique Olympiad strives for. A competition is a great way to attract young people and help recognize talented engineers, however, the main goal of this Olympiad is not the actual competition, but rather the creation of a community of young successful engineers worldwide. Having a successful Olympiad in Armenia was achieved several years ago and the goal now is to expand it to include more young specialists from around the world.

IEEE is the world's largest professional association of electrical and electronic engineers dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, with TTTC as its dedicated council to serve the global test technology professional community. This year for the third time, IEEE TTTC grants in-cooperation status to help the Olympiad gain further international participation. This results in a win-win-win situation for IEEE, for the Olympiad, and for Armenia: the IEEE reaches and encourages young technologists, The Olympiad gains wider international recognition, and holding the final contest in Armenia highlights this country's growing technological leadership.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants, the members of the Organizing and Program Committees and the hosting and sponsoring corporations, who together made this Olympiad an unforgettable one.